Prenatal Massage

Special massage‏ techniques during pregnancy can help alleviate anxiety and pain in the legs and hips, while also managing stress hormones and promoting better sleep. Please provide a note from your Physician before your massage.

60 minutes                           75
90 minutes                           105

Swedish Massage

This massage allows the body to unwind by easing tension from physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion.  The muscles will relax and blood circulation will increase, promoting the ultimate Zen for mind, body, and spirit.

30 minutes                            40
60 minutes                            65

90 minutes                            90

Aromatherapy Upgrade    10

Enhance the benefit of your massage

Deep Tissue Massage

This technique targets the deep tissue structure of the connective tissue and muscles, focusing on the release of muscle tension and knots.

30 minutes                            50
60 minutes                            75

90 minutes                            105